Screening 1

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SCREENING is a crossover project by Sigrid Calon & Willem van Zoetendaal. Since their first meeting at the Best Dutch Book Designs 2012 Calon & Van Zoetendaal started a collaboration in exchanging their specific skills in design and printing. They started to produce limited editions of artist books, posters a.o. about the relationship between patterns and portraits printed in risography on offset.
The first series of experiments, SCREENING 1 consist of studio portraits from the early eighties by Lee To Sang. These portraits, negatives selected from the Van Zoetendaal Archives are printed in offset. Sigrid Calon designed layers of colour patterns on top of the ‘models’ in risographic printing.

The artist books was launched at Offprint London in the Turbinehall in Tate Modern, May 22-25, 2015



  • Size 16,5 x 22,5
  • Colour 4 colours offset + 8 colours risography
  • Binding japanese folding in wire-o
  • Pages 32
  • Concept & Design Sigrid Calon & Willem van Zoetendaal

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