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Magigal Octopus Magical_Riso I & VI

Originally I made these for the publication of Magical Octopus (sold out).

This extra print is made in an edition of 20 and can't be reproduced because I made these on the glassplate with real plants from my garden.

Size: A3 (295 x 420 mm)  //  Paper: 100 grams EOS 2.0

Background info

Based on Dutch artist and poet Miek Zwamborn’s photographs, poetry, scientific drawings and maps of the Knockvologan (Isle of Mull), a number of great stencil printers were invited to produce prints from the comfort of their own studios. These were then sent to the Jan van Eyck Academie for compiling and assembling purposes, resulting in the Magical Octopus publication. 

With Knockvologan’s biodiversity and the weather-beaten shores of the Atlantic Ocean having confronted and inspired the Riso 2020 participants, the time has come for us to share our experience with you, reflect on the process and celebrate the wilderness that is held by the great Risograph.

 >> More info about the project of the can be found here

My contribution (how described in the book)

Inspired to try something new, Sigrid Calon decided to work using solely analogue equipment. Rather than designing upfront and exercising computer skills, she prefers to commute from the garden to the glass plate
of her 2-colourdrumMZ. By creating her own seaweed look-a-likes with materials from her garden, Calon reveals how bewitched she is by Miek Zwamborn’s affection towards seaweeds. In a peculiar yet simple manner, these two extremes – nature and graphic – merge together just like a weed anchors itself to the substrate. In reference to her previous work and the eight tentacles of an octopus, Calon has selected eight colours, eight graphical shapes, and eight different Riso backgrounds to work with.